4 Apr

RV Repair and Maintenance Expert Tips

Your RV is your home away from home when seeking adventure and there are times when you will need to be your own handyman. You never need to panic because if there’s something that you cannot handle on your own, you can always call a technical expert. This article will help you to keep your vehicle in good shape.


Roof and Window Damage

Damage to your roof and windows can be prevented in several ways. Ensure that good sealant is used on your RV in these areas, to stop water from entering. A cracked window can be replaced with a screwdriver and a substitute of the correct size, obtained from your local hardware store. Always have a garage or UV-resistant cover ready to protect your RV when it’s not in use and especially during a storm or other bad weather.

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Inspect the windows and roof of your RV at least twice a month. Check the seals on your roof and fix them immediately if there are any problems. A new coat of RV roof sealant can be applied at least once a year to prevent any issues. A rubber roof coating will also help.


RV Plumbing Issues

Just as in your house, there are different types of pipes in your RV, that handle fresh water, the pump and the toilet. Clogs can arise with any of these systems, making you uncomfortable if they aren’t fixed quickly. If plunging and using boiling water with strong dish soap don’t unblock a clog, you may have to disconnect the P-Trap and manually clean it. 

A toilet clog can often be cleared easily with light cleaning of the trap, if the blockage is superficial. you should always have your plunger handy on your RV since this can clear moderate clogs. Ensure that you create a strong seal for effective plunging. Otherwise, if you need to clear the trap, ensure that you have rubber gloves,, a bucket and old newspapers ready to catch all the water, Snaking the line with a drain auger can also help you to pull the obstruction out.

Leaking Pipes

When the constant drip drip of a pipe on your RV becomes too much to stand, you can fix it by changing corroded metal parts or flexible PVC that has been over tightened. While leaky water valves are cheap, it can sometimes be difficult to reach them. For example, those connected to your toilet will require that you remove the entire toilet to replace them.


Electrical Problems

Electrical shortages and other electrical damages can be dealt with by a professional in most cases but there are usually things that you can do to address some of these issues. Minor malfunctions such as dysfunctional switches can often be fixed with a quick trip to your hardware store. If you notice that your lights are not coming on, the issue may be related to your battery and can be solved by changing it.

Sometimes receptacles in your RV can become loose. This causes the outlets to malfunction. In that case, you can run to the store for a replacement outlet box or change it by using the same kind you have at home, if you have extras stored in your garage.

You can prevent unpleasant surprises related to your battery, by checking the fluid levels often. You can also test it to ensure that it is working as it should. Disconnect the battery cables whenever you are parked, to extend the life of your battery.

Routine Maintenance

Ensure that you maintain your RV slide out by lubricating the arms with a commercial product. Also check the slide out section for mechanical issues. Use UV-resistant awnings, canopies and other RV accessories which are built to resist the elements.

Keep the axles of your RV balanced, so the vehicle’s weight is evenly distributed. This helps to prevent flat tires. Inspect your RV break regularly and top off the brake fluid when needed.


Always Winterize Your RV

You should winterize your RV to prevent a burst water line or broken water pump. Ensure your water tanks are empty before you park and apply a couple gallons of RV antifreeze. Remove the awning and don’t keep your hoses attached to the RV.


Lots of people like to camp out in their RV when they need a break from daily life. Regular repairs and routine maintenance can keep your RV ready for use in all types of weather, during summer, spring or any other season  




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